About Meliora

Meliora wellbeing is an interdisciplinary, multimodality approach to wellbeing. Meaning the more SME (subject matter experts) all working towards defining and overlapping strategies towards wellbeing, is a solid foundation for you to learn on your health literacy journey.

Being SME, we witnessed the gap between our expertise and the need to have overlapping knowledge and content in other disciplines. Working collaboratively leads to overlapping strategies, thus higher impact of change, outcomes, adaptations and knowledge for you.

There are millions of SME out on the internet. There is no place that has the structure and implementation covered by Meliora.

Meliora Wellbeing is an organic and evolving initiative in a soft launch and building the required behind-the-scenes support, database, and systems to make this the “leader” in health literacy. A goal we hope to achieve in the coming years. Join us on this journey.

A person breathing in peace in nature

Our Approach

Our philosophy is simple, with knowledge there is growth, with growth comes positive change, with change we evolve, as we evolve we gain wisdom. Wisdom in the community builds up the community and we all benefit.

This is health literacy, its compounding and generationally impacts all of us for the better. How to get there, we focus on a few key areas as entry points.

1. Stress management is a starting point (please see stress management FAQ)

2. Tackle health and wellbeing from many different angles, in a tailored in an intentional way to get compounding and intentional gains in a positive direction.

3. Change is not always easy, yet it is the key to success. At Meliora Wellbeing we help with which specific changes to make, when, and why.

4. We learn through stories, experiences and community. Let's build that together.

5. Meliora does not have all the answers, not intented to cure, prevent or replace allopathic health care. Meliora is a place to learn and gain wisdom to make informed choices.

  • Health Literacy

    Health education through a multi-modality, interdisciplinary, collective approach to offering health and wellbeing content for you to incorporate into your day-to-day life.

  • Action Classes

    Take the content learned and put it into action and practice.
    Types of classes include mindfulness, breath work, functional movement, and health literacy.

  • Health Coaching

    Connect with trained professionals in their subject matter expertise (SME) to enhance your specific needs and understanding tailored to your individual circumstances.

Courses and Services

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Surprised Lawyer

Jo-Anne Yau LLM

It's not often that I can be moved off of my very strong opinions, but you really got me to thinking - which is far more than many lawyers can say about changing my mind, haha! Your passion for your work really shines, Ber.

Breathwork opened up a new realm of self-care and resilience for me

Rosanna Taylor, Kinesiologist

Taking the Breathwork and Your Health class was incredibly beneficial for me. As a health professional, I already have many tools in my toolbox to deal with everyday stress. However, diving into the world of breathwork opened up a new realm of self-care and resilience for me. Through guided practices and expert instruction, I learned how to harness the power of my breath to navigate through challenging moments. Through this class I also discovered that I am a mouth breather, and have been given tools to work towards correcting this. I really appreciate how knowledgeable Ber is, and her ability to share her knowledge in an easily digestible way. Also, being able to do this class in the comfort of my own home made it that much easier to relax and really experience the benefits of breathwork. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to enhance their resilience, vitality and overall quality of life.

I recommend functional breathing; for me, it helped with anxiety, sinus congestion, and sleep apnea.

B (A Reformed Skeptic)

I am so grateful for learning functional breathing from Ber. Learning to breathe through my nose and use the other functional breathing tools has made a huge difference both to my sleep quality and when I am uncomfortable (whether physically or due to stress). My sinus congestion is much better, and I now know that just shifting the way I am breathing helps to clear my sinuses when they need it.

I have mild sleep apnea, and my sleep quality was better within a few days once I learned nose breathing. It’s simple and has been so helpful for me. I am glad that I kept going past my initial skepticism (I wondered how something so simple could make a difference?). I recommend functional breathing; for me, it helped with anxiety, sinus congestion, and sleep apnea. I’m glad I took a little bit of time it took to understand and start using these tools.

Helped my 9 year old with severe anxiety

KS (Edited For Confidentiality)

My 9-year-old has severe anxiety about anything healthcare-related. I brought her in shaking and breathing very fast.

When we saw Ber, she was beyond amazing with her. She was so patient and did not rush us. She did a breathing technique with her and was able to calm her down. In the end, my daughter was so proud of herself. It was helpful for her to have such a patient and understanding nurse.

You were able to break down the process and gave me many strategies where it all made sense


I was so nervous coming in, I did not want to go and felt out of my element. I was almost certain I was not going to come back. Then I met you, Ber, you were so warm and welcoming which made me feel comfortable. I could see how you were able to meet others where they were at, and effortlessly related to them on their level.

For me, you were able to break down the process and gave me many strategies where it all made sense. I can see your passion and skill for teaching. I came in anxious wanting to leave and I left ready to come back, all because of you Ber.
Thank you

Ber taught me new ways to manage my pain

Retired Nurse

I was a nurse for 40 years and thought I knew it all. While recovering from surgery I met Ber. After talking and being asked all the good nursing questions about my pain, Ber had a different perspective on what I was experiencing.

Ber taught me new ways to manage my pain. She explained why I was having that particular discomfort and what to do about it. To my surprise, the discomfort was relieved almost instantly. I was amazed by what she knew and how to apply it in the nursing setting without the use of any medication.

Hopeful Viewer


She seems really cool. I especially appreciate that she weaves nursing with nature based health practice. I would love to see more nurses exposed to this more open-minded, open-bodied way of care.

Love it!!


Just what I needed to listen to right now. OMG! I had one breathwork session... it blew my mind, body, and spirit!! This is amazing! This is where I want to put my energy! Love it!

Excellent Presenter


Ber's presentation is so fabulous. She is an excellent presenter and I love the information and ideas. Bush Therapy! Outside is the best therapy. Thanks for Sharing!

Feel like I just finished a Ted Talk


Wow wow! You built some public speaking skills, great job keeping on topic, adding analogies, engaging the audience, and rolling with the technical stuff. Great pace and confidence in your voice. I feel like I just finished a Ted Talk!


  • What does Meliora Wellbeing mean?

    Meliora: the pursuit of better.
    Wellbeing: flourishing! (Adaptable functioning, positive emotions, autonomy, physical feeling of better, thinking and knowing the feeling of better)

    All of our practitioners here at Meliora have had their own health journey that led them to become leaders in their field. Through their personal and professional experience they have gained the wisdom to share with you insights to guide you on your journey.

  • What is Meliora Wellbeing?

    Wellbeing is more than health and wellness. It is flourishing wellbeing for self, family, social network and community. The more of us who flourish, the more others around us flourish, which equals a positive community change cycle.

    Melior Wellbeing focuses on Health Literacy, the ability to understand and use health related information, services, and science to make appropriate health decisions. This includes understanding when, where, why, how, and what is important, and when to apply it.

    This is not your typical health literacy content at Melior. We look at epigenetics, allostatic load, hormesis, change theory, functional breathing, cold exposure, biomechanics, facia, interoception, trauma responses, stress management, ancestral health and much much more!

  • What services do you provide?

    1. Workshops and Webinars:
      Health education workshops and webinars to build your understanding of important topics that are interesting to you.

    2. Classes:
      Participation classes are where you get to practice a particular skill. For example functional movement or breath work.

    3. Health Coaching:
      One-on-one time with a subject matter expert practitioner tailoring a program suited for your particular needs, wants, and outcomes to improve your health and wellbeing.
  • How to obtain Meliora's services?

    Go to All Courses, select the classes you'd like to take and sign up. Some courses will be live, some recordings from previous classes, some will be prerecorded.

    Classes will be a mixture of introductory, to more advanced. We will specify in the course description and prerequisites or experience level for that particular class. Make sure you are signing up for content that is suited to your needs.

    Please email us with any questions if you are unsure what a fit for you

    [email protected]

  • Are the classes and workshops Live or recorded?

    Watch and participate in live classes or watch the recording later (if available).

  • Do I pay for each class or subscription?

    Payment is taken upfront for each class, or workshop series.
    Subscription services will be an option in the future.
    Coupons and discounts will be offered periodically.

  • Practitioners/Coach Qualifications?

    Each practitioner/coach is a qualified health professional in their field. If they are in a profession that requires them to be regulated by a professional body, this registration is mandatory to be part of Meliora’s team.

  • What is breathwork and functional breathing?

    Think of breathwork as a fitness class for breathing. You can have a calming recovery class or a hard workout - all with your breath.

    Before a person gets into intense breath work, it is important to be good at the recovery of one’s breath and how to down-regulate. Once this is mastered, breath work can be as creative and unique as fitness classes are diverse.

    Breath work can be integrated into many other modalities aimed at health and wellbeing to compound the effects.

    Functional breathing, think of it as how "fit" your breathing capabilities are, and how responsive your breath is to tasks you require of it. In these tasks are you short of breath, uncomfortable and taking a long time to recover? Or is your breath quiet and controlled in highly demanding situations?
  • What is stress managment?

    At Meliora we approach stress management unique. The goal of stress management is overcoming our physical stress response and stress triggers. This could be emotionally driven, caused by pain, situational, social, financial, systemic, or environmental stressors..

    There are common strategies to address the stress response. At Meliora our goal is to teach a department store worth of inventory of stress management tools, and a place where you go to build your stress management toolbox of strategies. Each tool has its own purpose, depending on the situation. The more tools you have, the more skill you have at using each tool, then you become your own craftsman of stress management It is at this point where your wellbeing and health journey are positively impacted.

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